Nail IT,
Mega Holding Glue

Molding glue that is creamy and flexible to structure and define a finished hold, yet works as a hair plumper for fine hair. Can be used for long thick hair to help straighten and add thickness. Achieve this by round brushing and blow-drying to give tons of hold. For short hair, use a pea size amount to get the chunky defined look.


  • Non-flaking stiff hold giving a defined finished look
  • Hair plumper for fine hair and long thick hair
  • Humidity resistant and enriched with Vitamin D
  • UV protected / anti-fade
  • FREE of Parabens, Sulfates, wheat/gluten, sunflower/peanut oils and dyes

Available Sizes:

  • 6 fl.oz. | 177 mL
  • 2 fl.oz. | 59 mL